Corrugated Finwall Tanks

Fin-Wall Corrugated Tanks of the International Standard for the First time in India

Made on Forming line from of Germany
  • High-efficiency cooling
  • Modular construction
  • Reduced steel requirements
  • Smaller footprint
  • Less oil required
  • Lower cost

Manufacture of Fin-Wall Corrugated Tanks

Backed by long, multi-faceted expertise in sheet-metal fabrication, MPP Technologies have set up a new unit in Tumkur near Bangalore to manufacture corrugated tanks for transformers. MPP is the sister TTP Technologies the largest unit for Transformer Radiators in the world. The plant is equipped with a high-capacity CNC forming line manufactured by Heinrich Georg of Germany, world leaders in this specialized field. The heart of the machine is a hydraulic fin folding unit, which can be programmed for specified widths and lengths, with varying corrugation depths. The production is continuous, starting with cold-rolled steel strips decoiled from rolls loaded on an expanding mandrel. The fin folding operation is combined with cutting and edge bending and a strip welded to reinforce the edges welded to the frames. The corrugated walls are seam welded and a strip welded to reinforce the edges welded to the frames. Spot welding of the embossed sides gives extra strength to the sides (optional).

The corrugated walls are assembled into tanks by welding these to upper and lower frames. After shot-blasting to remove all loose particles and contaminants, the tanks are finished with a special primer and finish for long-lasting corrosion resistance. The finished tanks are ready for incorporating the active parts straightaway.


MPP corrugated tanks are manufactured to stringent DIN specifications, with quality assurance procedures in place at every stage. Tests are carried out to ensure that the tanks are leak-proof, capable of being hermitically seated.

Advantages of Corrugated Tanks

Because of the high thermal efficiency in heat dissipation, the fin-wall corrugated tanks require around 30 percent less steel for construction. The volume of oil required is also correspondingly less. The compact construction can save floor-area space by more than 40 percent. These advantages result in significant overall savings and make corrugated tanks the preferred choice for transformer manufacturers, as compared to conventional types.

Product Range

MPP Technologies manufacture custom-made corrugated oil tanks for various transformer capacities, ranging from 100 KVA to 5,000 KVA.The fin fold length(l) of the panels can vary from 400mm to 1,600mm; the fin(H) height varies from 50mm to 400mm. The number, pitch and depth of corrugations can be varied, depending on the transformer specifications.

Fin wall material thickness for corrugated walls with embossing pitch of 40mm and more

1mm thick fin wall can be used for hermetically sealed tanks with fin height upto 200mm and nominal length upto 800mm.

Fin wall material thickness for corrugated walls without embossing pitch of 40mm and more

For hermitically sealed tanks with fin height 180 mm and more and nominal length 900mm and more, a 1.5 mm material thickness shall be used.